Monday, March 3, 2014

Video belonging to the previous post, new video coming shortly!

Alright, this will be a quickie! :)

My last post was about how I tried to create nice outfits revolving around one specific item.. using only stuff from my current collection. Pictures were taken as evidence and studying material to improve and hone my fashion sense.

Of course, these days, if the friend who had the poor luck of having to put up with my shenanigans was still in possession of some spare energy.. I say pretty-please and ask if they also want to shoot some videos.

Here is the first outfit of three: the one where I'm wearing white trousers, a black jacket and black high-heeled booties.

Wait? First of three? Why not combine everything in one video and get it over with?

Well, since I am still a scientist.. I do actually check out the "Analytics" page of YouTube. And I learned that most viewers typically spend 30 to 60 seconds watching a video. So, in this digital high-speed Internet world, I figure that if want to show my outfits properly.. I have to do it in phases. :)

Also, editing videos costs time.. and making a video for one typical outfit takes less time than for two.. or three.

Simple math and your average laziness! :P I will finish the second one during the next few days.

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