Thursday, March 20, 2014

Colourful dresses - part 1 - purple (perhaps pink)

Black, brown and white are usually my to-go colours.. and while I think those colours look good on me, I admit.. it's a safe choice and things might get a bit boring.

So, every now and then.. I like to mix it up.. and add some colour to my life! This is a cute little dress.. pink or purple (call it what you will).. it does brighten up the place. Ideal for having some cocktails at a hip bar!

I paired it with simple yet stylish black pumps with a modest 4 inch heel. These pumps are designed by Ivanka Trump (yes.. family of the crazy one) and I got them when I visited San Francisco few years ago. And they fit perfectly! 
People sometimes call me lucky when I say that wear a US size 9 (or EU 39, UK 6), but the truth is.. my feet are slightly bigger and wider than that. So occasionally, shoes are too tight.. and a bigger size is too large. So, I was the happiest girl in the world when I tried on these shoes. They were the last pair.. so instead of paying 130 dollars, they gave them to me for 95! Even happier!

Obviously, I also shot some video material. This time, I shot it indoors, so the colours don't look as bright, but trust me..  outside in the sun.. you'll be blinded by the pinky purpleness! :)

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