Friday, February 7, 2014

It's my 17th birthday!

That doesn't mean I'm 17 though! :-P

Just that 17 years ago was the first time I fully dressed up.. dresses, skirts, blouses and heels. And that I started using more make-up than a little bit of lipstick. And that for the first time, I looked into the mirror.. and saw a young, insecure yet somewhat pretty woman smiling back.

That, ladies and gentlemen, was the moment Natassia was born!

I knew I was different at age 4.. and like most.. I did try to wiggle into my mom's dress on occasion. And there was a brief moment during my teenage years that we shared the shoe sizes. However, I always saw myself as a boy in a dress (the fact that I had a moustache from age 12 to 19 didn't help of course.. :-P )

Anyhoo.. there are and have been many people who have greatly contributed to the evolution and progression of Natassia, but I don't think I would have gotten that early start if it weren't for my ex-girlfriend at the time. As soon as I told her, she was so accepting and supportive! She gave me clothes.. we went to the stores together to buy make-up and shoes. She taught me the principles of make-up.. and she basically showed me that I could look like pretty girl! :)

How time flies.. and if I knew then what I know now.. I'm pretty sure I would have done a lot of things differently!

Alas... that's not possible.. so I'll just have to settle for doing as much in the time I still have! :)

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