Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another outfit for work (someday)

Who doesn't love a good discussion about what to wear at work, right? I'm glad my current job actually doesn't require me to wear suits and ties.. as I would find that way too uncomfortable for doing my daily things. It's also funny how my mentality about these things changes a whopping 180 degrees (or π if you like radians) when it comes to female fashion.

I guess my ideal situation would be that as soon as I wake up and hit the showers.. I would have total freedom in what I'd wear for work. Nothing beats a business-length LBD with either some nice boots.. or to spice it up a little bit.. some red pumps!!

Knowing myself though.. I'd be too lazy to actually do this every morning.. but I would sure like to be able to show up at work dressed like this. Say hi to my colleagues, have my first cup of coffee.. and then get started.

This video was shot a few months ago when I was still trying to figure out the important things for shooting suitable material. Still a bit of shaky-cam, but I hope to have a DSLR camera rig in the near future. That should smooth and stabilize videos quite significantly!

With this video, I've also gone through all my usable material. Guess I have to start shooting new footage soon!

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