Monday, January 13, 2014

So, Lookbook or Chictopia? Or both?

Alright, I'm trying all these different fashion-posting websites. Even with all the horrendous changes that Flickr has deemed necessary to implement, I still love Flickr because of the community and all the wonderful friends. And I've been lucky and fortunate to have met a few of them,.. friends whom I never would have met in real life if it weren't for this little thing called the Internet! :)

Having said that.. I have also been looking at sites like Lookbook and Chictopia because over there,.. it's more about fashion, outfits, ideas for photo. My previous post was all about Lookbook and how to connect that with this blog. And that seems to work.

Now, it's time for Chictopia and see if that is as easy as 3.1415926..

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