Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tassia in the UK - glittery gold

Okay, so I wrote most of this blog-post before the Ukraine MH17 plane disaster (presumably shot down). 298 innocent people died in this tragedy of whom 193 Dutch men, women and kids.. some of them babies. This happened last Thursday and even though I personally don't know anyone who has perished, I was shocked and dazed. One tenth of one percent of one percent of the Dutch population was killed.. and this is the same order of magnitude as the number of Americans who died during the 9/11 attacks. Thus, I take my moment of silence...

Life, however,..  does go on. And what better way to cherish the fact that in the Netherlands.. we do live in a "war and conflict"-free zone. And compared to places such as Ukraine and Russia, I have the freedom to express myself without repercussions from the state. Thus, onwards with the dressing!

As you might recall,.. in May, I went on a two-week trip to the UK and me being me.. I combined chilling and relaxing with shopping and dressing up! Among the places I visited after I left Essex... were Bath, Bristol and Southampton. I also visited the smaller cities and towns and the Isle of Wight, but I'm not going to bore you all with every single detail of the holiday. :P

In Southampton, I did a bit a shopping with a girlfriend of a friend (which lends itself for another post). I actually didn't need anything, but you know how these things go.. you see something you like and you're sold! Two of the things I got were 1) a cute pair of black peep-toe pumps from New Look and 2) a gold glittery dress from a fashion-for-5-pounds store.

Sure, it might sound cheap.. but that's only because it is! :P

One of the advantages of having a shopping partner who knows the malls and stores is that you can say something vague like "I need cute heels".. and she will know where to go.. and you will succeed! And if you ask for a "cheap dress".. she will know the perfect store. There were so many cool cute dresses.. I wanted to buy more, but in a rare moment I showed some self-restraint. :-P

About this posing thing, I'll admit to gratuitous over-top-posing, but sometimes you've got to take a step back.. and have a little fun. :)

Of course, that day, I was very happy and thankful for my shopping partner who accompanied me in a dress and proper high heels. And from what I could tell, she was also having fun while shopping with me (more on that in a later post). So, I could not write a blog-post in a good conscience without at least showing the two of us acting silly in front of the camera. I did blur her face to protect the innocent, but trust me, she's a beautiful girl who looked gorgeous in her blue dress and heels! :)

Working on new videos.. just need to find those preciously few moments where I can sit and relax behind my computer with a cup of coffee to do some proper editing. In the meantime, enjoy the two most recent ones! :)