Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A black leather dress - part 1


If you look at most of my outfits, it's usually dresses, probably black.. sometimes other colours.. and more often than not.. my dresses (and skirts) are very short!

One thing that I have never really worn for a proper photo and video shoot was a sexy leather dress and it has always been something on my list. As soon as I saw this dress.. I knew what had to be done!

My (not so) secret love for this kind of femme-fatale hitwomen look is probably because of all those movies where some bad-ass female sexy agent was dressed all in leather kicking ass and taking names!!

And usually she would doing all these karate kicks while wearing high heels and brandishing a gun. Perhaps an idea for a later video. :-P

The heels I'm wearing here are very sexy 5 inch stiletto heeled patent pumps from ASOS and what I absolutely adore about these heels is how super thin these heels are!!

How awesome would it be if I could play in an action movie where I would be a boring guy during the day and a sexy secret female agent during the night?! Ah.. a girl can dream, right?  ;-)

Just so you all know,.. I did another session with this same dress where I'm wearing my stiletto heeled sandals of the last video... but this time... I painted my painted toe nails! :-D

Sometimes, with certain outfits, I might decide not to bug other people to take videos of me. Of course, with this sexy dress.. there was NO way I would let that opportunity pass. So I hope you really enjoy this video!


  1. You look glamorous, girl, love the leather dress.

  2. Wow, your dress is stunning. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  3. What a great outfit! I share your dream of being a female secret agent. :-) My favorite part of your look here are the faux-seamed stockings. I did a blog-post about a month ago raving on how good seamed stockings look. You prove my point.

  4. the dress is Perfection <3
    wish you a great weekend ahead…

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