Thursday, October 19, 2017

Puffy yellow dress, a bit of cork.. and icecream


Okay, okay.. I had 2 posts within 7 days, but then.. life got busy! Gotta work, gotta pay them bills! :-P

You all know that I'm much more active when it comes to dressing up nicely, taking photos and videos when it's warm and sunny. So yeah, there are lots of outfits of summer 2017 that I'm going to show here on this blog.

However, I still have outfits from 2016 on my computer.. and I felt it would be a waste to not post them here!

So, on a gorgeous summer day in 2016, I wanted to wear something bright and happy, so I picked this yellow dress. I totally love the eye-popping colour! And I enjoyed wearing it as it was very loose-fitting which was ideal in this heat.

However, looking at these photos (and especially the photos that didn't make the cut), I don't think this dress was particularly flattering for me. In hindsight, I should have defined my waist with a subtle black belt. Ah well.. lessons were learned! ;-)

As for the location for this photo-shoot.. I chose one of the watermills near the Dutch city of Eindhoven. There are many watermills in the Netherlands and sometimes, they are located in beautiful spots. And a lot of times, the buildings are in their original states.

Then again, most locations are beautiful when the sun is shining, right? ;-)

For the shoes, I chose my cork-heeled sandals. They are perfect for the summer (I also wore them this summer) and super comfy! And also, because I was wearing yellow.. I thought it would be a nice contrast to paint my nails bright red. I think it works.. do you agree?

It was a summer say.. it was hot.. and there was an ice-cream truck. So obviously, one doesn't need higher mathematics to figure out that I got me some! :-D

And yes, I did spill some on my dress, because I'm just clumsy like that! :-P

Looking at this last photo, the dress does look fine, but I'm cheating a little bit with my posing. Sooo,.. I don't regret getting rid of this dress! :-P

However, I'm curious what you girls think.. was I wrong to part with it?

 This week is pretty tiring for me. I hope it's much more relaxed for you!

My camera person actually almost fell while filming me.. fortunately, nothing bad happened!!


  1. I've been eyeing for yellow dress these days because seems like yellow back in trend again but I haven't found any good yellow dress. However yours is so cute! Simple but perfectly fit on you :)


  2. beautiful dress 💞
    You look gorgeous in it

  3. You looked lovely in the dress. The color was perfect for summer.

  4. LOVE IT!! please do more!! XOXOXO

    JoAnn Rogers

  5. I love how vibrant the yellow is! You lookbeautiful!

    Rina Samantha

  6. So lovely in yellow! This dress suits you so well!
    Kisses, Paola.


  7. Loving that yellow dress on you!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  8. Such a pretty dress! It looks good on you. Xx

  9. You look great in yellow!

  10. Beautiful dress! Love the color! :*