Saturday, May 31, 2014

Having a blast with my friends!

I have many many many (Lassard anyone?) wonderful pictures and stories to show and tell about my visit to the UK, but this blog is not just about my holidays overseas.. it's also about my fun times on the mainland, either somewhere outside or at home! :P

Do you know what I'm really thankful of when I think of my Tassia situation? 

Not just the fact that most of my friends know about Tassia...  not just the fact that I've lost exactly zero friends over this. The thing that really brings a lot of joy to my life is the fact that quite a few of my female friends really think it's cool.. and actively participate and join in the fun!

Some friends go shopping with me, some friends lend or give me their clothes, some friends go to bars, restaurants and festivals with me.. and some love to dress up together with me as you can see in the two pics above. Both the animal print dress and the LBD are mine.. but we all wear the same size dresses, so it all works out fine!

In this case, two former colleagues of mine whom I know for roughly 12 years.. and who have become very good friends of mine came over for dinner. And after seeing my walk-in closet, we more or less did a sort of dress-up/make-up/model/photo-shoot session. To say that this was the start of a great evening is quite the understatement of the year. :P

We all tried on several outfits and for most of the evening, I was wearing my bordeaux red dress with matching boots. Not a super complicated outfit.. but still quite elegant in its simplicity, if I say so myself.

Needless to say, a well-stocked walk-in closet.. means more outfits! This is the type of LBD that I would wear to work. Perhaps not with these heels and perhaps with some stockings or hose.. but you get the general idea. Wouldn't want to attract too much attention, eh?

This cute LRD is definitely more suited for a party and these cute colourful shoes have a low heel.. so they're quite comfy! I think I need to wear this dress for the next time I'm going out for cocktails!

Looking at the previous blog post with the ladies in the UK, I now realise that we were wearing glasses.. so this looks like an appropriate way to end this post as well!

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  1. Oh, good fun! Mostly I go to metal shows with my galpals in the city, and shopping when rural.

    btw, you two are awesomely pretty!