Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Working in a coalmine

Carbon is the source for a lot of useful things. One of these things is anything related to diamonds! Also, as a self-proclaimed science geek.. it's also used for nano-tubes, which is an awesome piece of scientific work in itself. What I can tell you is that things are super strong. For more, just go google it. Because sure, I do want to include geekiness in this blog,.. but I know y'all mainly want to see some pics and possibly vids. :-P

Yet another thing carbon is know for.. is coal.. still an important source for energy. And that black stuff is dug up in coal mines. Some of them are still open, a lot of them have been closed. A couple of them have been converted into museums so that the public can actually see for themselves what used to happen decades ago. The museum I visited (with my friend Julie) was in Genk, Belgium.

Yes, that tiny speck down there is me! It's an impressive high (62 metres) structure and it just made me feel so small.. and just to think that the shaft went down more than 1 kilometres!

First of all, the outfit. As you all know, I love my dresses and my super high heels! There are times though when that just isn't that practical. So I went for casual chic and for me.. that usually means some jeans, a cute top and jacket. And lower heels.. which in my case still means 3 inches. Because flats are for when I'm old (not saying that flats are for old people and little girls.. I said when I'm old!

The main square of the mining complex was completely cleaned up and filled with these hip design seats. So after walking a lot in heels,.. obviously I had to sit down. On the right, I took a quick pic of the reflection Julie and me in the window.. how is that for artistic photography? :-P

Of course, it's not just about all the mine workers descending into the depths of the earth and digging up coal. To make all of this possible, you need equipment.. generators, electrical machines and all this cool stuff developed by the brightest electrical and mechanical engineers! As a physicist, I cannot but be in awe of their ingenuity! 

The sign says "Danger of death"... but I know that it does not only depend on the voltage.. it also depends on the current. Still, 6600 volts... never pleasant!

Of course, being there and being vain.. I used these constructions as a place to model. :-P

After a very educational and impressive tour inside, we went outside again for some posing. Whenever I'm dressed up and whenever the the weather is nice outside, I will bug someone to take pics of me, thanks Julie!

And she was also gracious enough to film me.. so there is actually a small video again! :)


  1. Nice boots :) M&MFASHIONBITES

  2. The pictures of the coal mine are fantastic, really set the scene.