Monday, June 30, 2014

World Cup Madness part 1 - Football in the sun

Well, I guess by now.. it should be a) totally obvious that they're having this little football thing going on in Brasil called the World Cup and b) even more obvious that I'm a total football nut! I will watch the matches in the Dutch League, the important ones of the English, German and Spanish leagues and of course the clashes between the European clubs in the Champions League. However, what really gets me excited and causes my heart to skip a beat are the UEFA European Championships and the FIFA World Cup!

Sure, I will watch the Olympics and I even enjoy watching the Super Bowl, but nothing gets me Orange crazy like watching and supporting the Dutch national team, the Orange Lions! The great thing about the colour orange is that it is very distinctive and bright and happy, so I do love dresses, shirts, hats, sunglasses and what else they come up with. During the last few tournaments, several beer brands and fashion designers have brought out cute little orange dresses, either for a six-pack of beer or for next to no money. And you all know me... I love me some cheap dresses! :P

This is the 2014 dress designed by SuperTrash and I thought it would be nice to model it in the sun. While driving around, we also found a petrol station that sold orange footballs. How awesome is that?!

The number 14 stands for the fact that the World Cup is this year.. in 2014, but the number 14 is also the number of our most famous player ever.. Johan Cruyff (Cruijff if you're Dutch). Incidentally, he has yet to become the manager of our national team, but at this moment nobody cares because Louis van Gaal is doing a bang-up job!

Anyway, as far as this World Cup is concerned.. it has been amazing! It started with the epic win over Spain.. and it hasn't stopped yet!

Let's hope this will continue for 3 more matches! :P

I will try to make a video of me trying to stuff with a ball while wearing heels, but my skills are a bit rusty, so give me some time. :) In the meantime, here is the link of the last one in Belgium, in case you missed it twice! :-P

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