Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tassia in the UK - tourists (and models) in Harwich

Last month I visited the UK and met up with Kay, Helen and Janet, which now seems like ages ago.. can't wait cross the North Sea again! Before Kay and I met up with the rest.. we first enjoyed the sunny day being all touristy in picturesque Harwich.

So first things first,.. getting ready and so did Kay (who stayed in the same hotel). Me being the usual slow morning person, Kay was quicker than I was in getting ready, so while I was finishing up, she was patiently waiting. She took a quick snap in the hotel room before we went out.

We stayed at the Premier Inn,.. nothing too fancy, but nice and clean.. and the staff is friendly. If the weather is nice, I would definitely recommend getting a hotel for one night instead of heading to your actual destination.

First order of business was to park the car and of course, 2 seconds out of the car and we had to take pics right there. While we were messing with the self-timer, a receptionist from the hotel/bar across the street noticed us, came over and offered to take some pics. Such chivalry! :)

As you can see, Harwich is an industrial harbour city.. not just allowing for European tourists to enter the UK, but also for actual proper cargo transport. It's not that big.. but it's pretty (apart from all the UKIP posters that is.. )
Like I said, a beautiful sunny day, but seeing as we were near the sea.. the wind was blowing quite hard. This sometimes resulted in a shot like on the left.. and usually I just ended up trying to untangle my hair! :P

Now the following shot might seem like shameless posing.. and that's because it is! :P Seriously though, the day before.. the weather was so crappy and dreary with low temperatures and drizzle. So, just standing in the sun, letting it in soak in.. and enjoying the breeze.. it was a moment of bliss!

Most of the morning, Kay and I would just spend walking around and chatting. And of course, it was not just Kay taking pics of me.. we both behaved like models in the countryside.. and I took plenty of pics of Kay. Have a look at her pictures pages at Flickr or Ipernity. :)

In summary, what I expected to be a dull grey morning in Harwich (and forcing Kay and me to have a coffee indoors), turned out to be super beautiful and warm! And to think this was only the start of my holiday in the UK. :)

I did not take any videos while I was in the UK.. so here is the link of the last one in Belgium, in case you missed it!

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