Monday, February 8, 2016

Enjoying the French snow in a red sweater dress and black boots


Hi y'all! I'm back from my snowboarding trip in the French Alps! I'm happy to report that I did not break any arms or legs.. though I did wipe out quite a few times.

But then again,.. if you don't wipe out and dive face first in the deep snow or.. slide down an icy slope on your tush, then you're not snowboarding properly!!

Usually when I'm on a snowboarding trip, I don't pack anything remotely glamorous. It's all about staying warm and being comfortable.. whether it is on the mountain or in the chalet.

This year though, after seeing so many fashion bloggers posting their outfits in gorgeous snowy conditions.. I just *had* to bring my stuff along. I mean, the weather in the Netherlands might be cold, rainy and windy.. snowy and picturesque, it definitely is not!

Me being sensible, I opted for a red sweater dress, polka-dot tights, a grey jacket and knee-high boots with a chunky 5 inch heel. Outside in the snow, the boots were perfect and I had plenty of grip. However, as soon as I went inside.. the smooth floor tiles in the kitchen made it almost impossible to walk! :-P

Now that would have been embarrassing, right? "Did you break your arm/leg while doing a 360 with the snowboard?" .. "No, I slipped while wearing snow covered heels inside the chalet because I was dumb." >_<

Fortunately, everything went without a hitch!

By the way, this photo-shoot was a prime example of dressing up for the photos and videos. I think this all lasted no more than 30 minutes.. after which I changed right back into my comfy clothes. :-P

My friends actually suggested that I should have brought something ridiculous with me as well, like a very short mini-dress and strappy heels, though I did not. Do you think I should have? ;-)

My friend who doing the photography didn't mind taking some video clips as well.. so yay!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Cold in Amsterdam


January is almost over and I must admit,.. I haven't done that many fashionable activities. Trust me, when you're working on geeky and science-y things together other geeks around you towards a deadline... fashion is the last thing on my mind. :-P

Fortunately, earlier this month, the weather was sunny (though still freezing cold!), so I met up with my long-time friend Bianca for some catching up and among other things.. we also visited the famous Hermitage Museum.

As always, when travelling to Amsterdam, it's easier and cheaper to park outside the city and take the public transport into the inner city. You can see it was pretty cold.. leather gloves, tights and long coat and boots! It was below 0 degrees Celsius (that's 32 degrees Fahrenheit for you Yanks :-P ).

While walking towards the entrance of the actual museum, you had to be careful.. there were still patches of ice scattered around. Very treacherous!

The exhibit was on the Dutch citizens during the Dutch Golden Age and then primarily about the rich upper class in Amsterdam in the 17th century. They are mostly depicted in paintings called 'schuttersstukken', a type of group painting of which the most famous one is 'The Night Watch' by Rembrandt.

Obviously, this painting is displayed in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, so they projected an image of 'The Night Watch' with a beamer between all the other real paintings.

The visit was lots of fun and very educational.. and after such an activity (and a bit of window shopping) it was time for dinner and coffee, so we went to do just that in the Bijenkorf Shopping Centre. And after that, a bit of chilling on the couch in the stylish coffee bar. :)

Just like that 8 hours had passed and we had walked about 14 kilometres in total throughout Amsterdam and the museum and the shops! I was glad I was just wearing my 4 inch heeled boots! ;-)

Of course, after having spent a day together roaming around.. we also took a picture together outside the museum's gates. We didn't plan our outfits, but I do like the green next to the red colour!

Bianca was so nice to also film some small clips of me.. so I'm very grateful that I can present this video! :D