Friday, August 30, 2019

Cherry nice to see you!


Puns, I've got them! :-P

I'm sure that if this cute summer dress had a pattern with berries on it, I would have gone with something like berrylicious! What? Is that not a real word? Ah well!

Anyway, red with a splash of green.. that's what this outfit is all about! The dress has been in my wardrobe for a couple of years, but I tend to only bring it out when the weather is nice. So here's to hoping that September will bring another couple of beautiful warm days!

I was visiting a park in Arnhem with my friend Sara. Obviously, it being so warm, it was quite refreshing to take off the heels and get my feet in the water and mud near this mini waterfall.

Just sitting here. :-P

Every now and then, one has got to take a rest from all the tiring and exhausting modelling! :-D

These days, I'm trying to be more sensible and wear sneakers or flip-flops when I'm just walking around looking for nice spots to take photos and videos. It's not that I can't wear heels for a full day.. but I would like my feet to function when I'm (hopefully) 60 years old!

So, check back in a couple of months if I will be wearing this dress again.. perhaps with another pair of red heels! ;-)

 Hope the summer months were awesome for you!

Again, I didn't have that much footage of me in this dress.. but I hope you like this little video! :-)


  1. you look beautiful in this dress - cherry, cherry lady 😘☺

  2. Beautiful outfit!
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