Thursday, July 21, 2022

Wearing leather during a heatwave


Nine months!! And no.. I wasn't pregnant during this break on the blog! 😛

For those who have been following my other social media, especially Facebook and Instagram and Patreon, you already know that my life has been extremely busy and hectic since basically last November. I intend to start posting these short blog-posts.. so I will explain what happened in my life in the next few posts. If anyone's actually interested.

So, what's the best thing to do during a heatwave? Drink plenty of water, stay in a pool, wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Or in my case, wear a full leather outfit! 😅

And when it gets too hot, just take off the leather jacket! 😉

 Stay cool during this heatwave!

And yes, I also posted a public YouTube video.. it has been ages, but I also hope you like that video! 🙂

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Visiting a castle in my blue maxi dress and comfy stiletto heeled sandals


October already! 😮 2021 is almost finished and I'm still trying to recover from 2020. Anyone else feel the same?

So, I actually did step out in September and the first few weeks of October, but I also went out doing touristy stuff in August when I was enjoying my summer holiday!

Even though it was wet and colder summer, there dry days.. and I visited a castle in the south of the Netherlands.

 I hope it's not too cold where you live!

I didn't film inside the castle because it was quite crowded. So I hope you enjoy these outdoor video clips! 🙂