Sunday, September 25, 2022

City trip to Antwerp: dresses and heels


Right, a new post! I wanted to write and publish this blog-post at the end of August.. but then the start of the school-year happened. Yes, very unexpected. 😛

Anyway, I did a lot of things this summer including a couple of trips just over the borders (i.e. Belgium). And you know me, even if a trip is for just a few days, I will pack at least three potential outfits for each day. We were very lucky that the raindrops only started on the last day so you'll see dresses and bare legs.

One important point: in these pics, you will only see high heels, but as you know I have grown older and perhaps a bit wiser! 😅 So, I did the sensible thing and wore flip-flops most of the time. And did bring more pairs of heels but I ended up using my trusty strappy heels the most!

Polkadot dress

This pink polkadot dress is quickly one of my favourite spring/summer/autumn dresses... it's flattering and it quite nicely hides a tummy after a big meal!

Pink dress

Towel in high heels

Yes, would you believe that I step out of the shower like this every morning? 😏

High heeled sandals are the best for city trips

This dress is super flattering!

A couple of years ago, I had a similar striped dress like this, but I parted ways with it. I now got this dress and I think it is a decent substitute, don't you think?

 Autumn is here.. so lots of rain! Expect more boots and tights in the future posts!

No new video, but I do have some material that I took with my smartphone. Will edit and post that soon! 🙂

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Wearing leather during a heatwave


Nine months!! And no.. I wasn't pregnant during this break on the blog! 😛

For those who have been following my other social media, especially Facebook and Instagram and Patreon, you already know that my life has been extremely busy and hectic since basically last November. I intend to start posting these short blog-posts.. so I will explain what happened in my life in the next few posts. If anyone's actually interested.

So, what's the best thing to do during a heatwave? Drink plenty of water, stay in a pool, wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Or in my case, wear a full leather outfit! 😅

And when it gets too hot, just take off the leather jacket! 😉

 Stay cool during this heatwave!

And yes, I also posted a public YouTube video.. it has been ages, but I also hope you like that video! 🙂