Monday, April 21, 2014

Shoes and art - my love for high heels

The plan for this post was to be the third and last instalment of the semi-pro photo-shoot, but since life doesn't always always follow a strict planning.. neither will this blog. The yellow dress with bare legs and strappy high-heeled sandals will have to wait a few days! :-P

I pride myself in knowing and fully acknowledging what my weaknesses are.. and my number one weakness without exception are high-heeled shoes! Pumps, boots, the above-mentioned strappy sandals.. preferably thin.. and even more preferably high! 4 or 5 inches.. and I'll only consider 3 if the shoes are very very pretty and meant for 8 to 10 hours of walking.

So, last Friday.. I was reminded that there was an exhibit of the history of high heels in the Rotterdam Art Hall (Kunsthal) and that they would be open until the 11th of May. So my friend Mireille and I headed there in the morning (since I had other appointments in the afternoon) and after a capucino.. we entered the world of SHOES!

I must tell you, my words will no do justice to all the fantabulous shoes one can see! They go from the outrageous as pictured above to the classical ones below. If you have the opportunity, you should go! Like now! Finish the blog when you get back home! :-P

The designer of the shoe on the left should be super (like duh) obvious to anyone with a bit of high-heel shoe knowledge. Yes, they are Louboutins and they are beautiful.. and I still want one or two pairs!

Needless to say, I had get a photo of myself with a couple of his earlier designs.. you can see I'm quite happy there! Don't worry though, I wasn't neglecting the other gorgeous shoes as you can see on the right. ;-)

Of course, I also did some photography myself, since all these shoes gave me so much inspiration! And an exhibit about high-heels would not be complete without a quote of the Sex and The City star Sarah Jessica Parker, right?

We had a great time at the exhibit and after a nice lunch, we went outside.. looked at our own shoes.. took a few pics of ourselves and then we hit the road! I will leave you with the following inspirational quote.. I think it speaks truth! :-D